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High Cholesterol Specialist

Advanced Medical Group

Cardiology, Vein, & Podiatry located in Jersey City, NJ

Having high cholesterol doubles your risk of developing heart disease. To make matters worse, high cholesterol causes no symptoms, which is why the team at Advanced Medical Group monitor your cholesterol levels regularly. With clinics in Jersey City, Union City, and West New York, New Jersey, you have a convenient location nearby. To see how the team can help lower your cholesterol, request an evaluation online or call your closest clinic.

High Cholesterol Q & A

What causes high cholesterol?

Cholesterol has important roles in your body. It helps with hormone production, adds structure to your cells membranes, and supports veins and arteries. But too much of it leads to narrowing of your arteries and even clogs, which can be devastating to your heart. You may have high cholesterol because of:

  • Being overweight or obese
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Being inactive and not exercising
  • A family history of high cholesterol
  • Consuming lots of trans or saturated fats

You’re also more likely to have high cholesterol if you’re a diabetic since high blood sugar leads to poor cholesterol ratios.

How do I know if I have high cholesterol?

High cholesterol doesn’t cause any symptoms, so you won’t know your cholesterol is high until you have a blood test performed. When you have an on-site blood draw at Advanced Medical Group, your dedicated practitioner evaluates several different cholesterol components.

Low-density lipoprotein

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is the infamous bad cholesterol that’s known for stacking up inside arteries. For optimal heart health, your LDL needs to be less than 100 mg/dL.

High-density lipoprotein

High-density lipoprotein (HDL) is the good cholesterol that helps take bad cholesterol out of your body and minimizes cholesterol buildup. Ideally, your HDL should be greater than 60 mg/dL.


While not a type of cholesterol, triglycerides are a type of bad fat associated with high cholesterol that can also increase your risk of heart disease. Triglycerides need to be under 150 mg/dL to protect your heart.

Total cholesterol

Your practitioner at Advanced Medical Group is also going to check your total cholesterol reading. Total cholesterol includes your LDL, HDL, and VLDL, which stands for very low-density lipoprotein, a harmful cholesterol that carries triglycerides. It’s best if your total cholesterol stays below 200 mg/dL.

Is there treatment for high cholesterol?

If your total cholesterol is high, or if any of your cholesterol components are out of proportion — like too much LDL — the team at Advanced Medical Group puts together a customized treatment plan for you. In many cases, high cholesterol can successfully be treated with medications.

Cholesterol-lowering medications change how your body produces or removes cholesterol. You may benefit from:

  • Statins, niacin, or fibrates
  • Bile acid-binding resins
  • Cholesterol absorption inhibitors
  • Omega-3 fatty acid supplements

As with many chronic health conditions, getting to a healthy weight, quitting smoking, and exercising regularly are all going help improve your cholesterol levels over time. Your practitioner at Advanced Medical Group can counsel you on which lifestyle changes you need to make to improve your heart health.

If you have a history of high cholesterol, see what the team at Advanced Medical Group can do for you. Book an appointment through the online scheduler or call the clinic location nearest you.